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Knock out regrowth to minimise rust risk

Grain Central, 24 May 2017

With the 2017 cropping season shaping as a high risk year for barley leaf rust and wheat leaf rust in Western Australia, it is not too late for growers to control regrowth from last season’s crops that can harbour rust pathogens.

GRDC supports study tours for growers

Grain Central, 23 May 2017

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is helping grain growers build their technical knowledge and professional skills by offering funding support for group study tours.

Oat varieties vary in tolerance to crown rot

Grain Central, 19 May 2017

A second year of oat trials were planted in Western Australia recently to confirm preliminary research findings of variability in the tolerance among varieties to the fungal disease Fusarium crown rot.

Reducing discounts in cotton colour to lift profitability: Nuffield Scholar

Grain Central, 15 May 2017

A third-generation Darling Downs farmer and Nuffield Scholar has taken steps to curb the cost of colour downgrades in cotton, which each year strips the industry of millions of dollars in profits.

Time of sowing still key to dryland yield

Grain Central, 04 May 2017

Understanding the key factors driving crop yield has reaffirmed time of sowing (TOS) as the main driver, endorsing the long-held practice of planting cereal crops within their optimum sowing window to maximise potential.

Scientists crack barley genetic code

Grain Central, 02 May 2017

The development of new and improved barley varieties is set to be accelerated, after the complete barley genome was recently mapped by an international consortium, which included Western Australian scientists.

Sorghum breeding time set to halve

Grain Central, 27 April 2017

In a major step forward for Australian farmers, new research from the US will result in a significantly quicker sorghum breeding process.

Second spray key to controlling resistant wild radish

Grain Central, 27 April 2017

Western Australian growers are regaining control over herbicide resistant weeds, including wild radish, through the widespread adoption of integrated weed management systems.

Crop probiotics: how more science and less hype can help Australian farmers

Guest Author, 24 April 2017

Australian farmers are at risk of missing out on a global boom in “crop probiotics”, because lax regulations make it less likely the supplements they buy to boost their crops will actually work.

Redlegged earth mite insecticide resistance discovered in South Australia

Grain Central, 19 April 2017

Scientists have for the first time discovered insecticide resistance in redlegged earth mite (RLEM) in the southern cropping region.