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Rainfall shortfall stalls Qld winter crop program

Neil Lyon, 22 May 2017

The heavy rains forecast for Queensland’s cropping zones last Friday and Saturday failed to live up to expectations with recordings barely enough to make a difference to emerging crops in Central Queensland (CQ) or kick start sowing in earnest on the Darling Downs.

Rain front set to ‘ice the cake’ for NSW winter crop sowing

Neil Lyon, 18 May 2017

A RAIN band moving across NSW over the next few days will be a timely boost for this year’s winter cropping program that has already seen many areas finished sowing and only a few yet to get going.

Moisture drives winter crop sowing spree in the south

Neil Lyon, 17 May 2017

Victorian growers have taken advantage of early-season subsoil moisture to make good headway sowing this year’s winter crops with more than half the projected plantings already in the ground and seeders going full tilt before a forecast rain front comes through on Friday.

SA growers look to the skies in anticipation of precipitation

Neil Lyon, 16 May 2017

All eyes will be on the weather in South Australia this week where the prospect of a rain front delivering much-needed falls to the state’s farming areas will consolidate winter crop plantings after what has been a patchy start to this year’s sowing program.

Dry puts brakes on promising winter cropping season in WA

Neil Lyon, 15 May 2017

It has been a frustrating start to the winter crop sowing season for Western Australian growers with most of the state holding good sub-soil moisture levels, but not receiving enough rain to wet sow or link up with the big percentage of dry-sown crops that have gone in.

Four keys to making faba beans more profitable

Grain Central, 15 May 2017

Southern NSW faba bean growers are being urged to carefully consider paddock selection this season and plant in the recommended sowing window to maximise yield potential.

Grazing early-sown crops offers potential to lift profits

Grain Central, 09 May 2017

Crop grazing in late autumn and early winter can be a useful tactic to expand crop area and/or increase livestock numbers to boost whole farm profits.

Mice chew into crop seeding programs in southern Australia

Neil Lyon, 08 May 2017

HIGH mouse numbers across the farming zones of South Australia and Victoria are causing substantial seeding losses as winter crop sowing moves into full swing.

Growers get jump on soil-borne diseases

Grain Central, 05 May 2017

Growers across the southern cropping region are avoiding extensive yield and economic losses by knowing the risk of soil-borne diseases before they begin sowing this year’s crops.

Time of sowing still key to dryland yield

Grain Central, 04 May 2017

Understanding the key factors driving crop yield has reaffirmed time of sowing (TOS) as the main driver, endorsing the long-held practice of planting cereal crops within their optimum sowing window to maximise potential.