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Class action over contaminated seeds

by Grain Central, 17 March 2017

QUEENSLAND legal firm, Creevey Russell Lawyers, is investigating a class action on behalf of sorghum growers impacted by the aggressive Shattercane weed produced by contaminated seeds.

Creevey Russell principal, Dan Creevey, said Shattercane grew rapidly and competed aggressively with crop plants, significantly reducing yield, quality and value of harvested seed.

“Creevey Russell Lawyers are presently investigating a class action for growers affected by this problem,” he said.

“Australia’s agricultural industry earns more than $155 billion-a-year but certain sectors of the industry could be under significant threat due to contaminated seeds.

“Contaminated seeds can carry disease, produce low grade harvests which may also in turn produce sterile seeds if contaminated with weed seed. The contaminated seed can be resistant to pesticides and normal processes of crop control.”

Mr Creevey said Creevey Russell Lawyers were keen to meet with sorghum growers impacted by Shattercane.

“If you purchased seed contaminated with Shattercane seed then you may have a claim to financial compensation,” he said.


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