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Aussie wheat takes the cake in Asia

Grain Central, 22 January 2018

Australian wheat could potentially take a bigger slice of the Asian cake and biscuit market in the coming years.

New wheat for Australia’s tropical north

Neil Lyon, 30 November 2017

A new wheat variety specifically adapted to tropical and sub-tropical environments is set to offer growers in the non-traditional wheat-growing regions of far-northern Australia a high-yielding, disease-resistant cereal option.

Ukraine competition heats up in Australian markets

Liz Wells, 13 October 2017

Australia’s wheat quality and proximity to Asian markets are key competitive advantages in the changing global wheat market, where exports from Black Sea ports are already making their way into some of Australia’s key markets including Egypt and Indonesia.

Destination Hong Kong for Aussie ag entrepreneurs

Grain Central, 20 July 2017

When a chartered Qantas B747-400 jumbo jet takes off from Toowoomba’s privately-built Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport on September 3, it will be taking a lucky group of agricultural producers, processors, exporters, financers and local government representatives on a specially-tailored trip to Hong Kong.

Aussie wheat taps into Indonesian market

Grain Central, 14 July 2017

Increasing value by using Australian wheat was the theme of a packed wheat quality technical workshop conducted by the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hong Kong tour opens doors for ag entrepreneurs

Grain Central, 16 June 2017

A special tour to Hong Kong in early September will give people involved in Australia’s agricultural industries the opportunity to learn more about the Asian market and connect with potential customers in the region.

AEGIC technical workshops a success with millers in Indonesia, Philippines

Grain Central, 10 March 2017

Major flour millers in Indonesia and the Philippines have had a chance to gain a better understanding of the quality and suitability of Australian wheat for South East Asian markets at technical workshops with nine major milling companies in Manila, Makassar and Jakarta.

Grains trade talks to focus on Vietnam and China

Grain Central, 06 March 2017

National representative body, GrainGrowers, will work to enhance export opportunities for Australia’s quality grains and improve business relationships with major customers in Vietnam and China over the next fortnight.

Perfecting Aussie wheat for SE Asian noodles and bread

Grain Central, 16 February 2017

While Australian wheat is well regarded in many South East Asian (SEA) markets, greater understanding of texture attributes and targets is needed to increase our share of the market, according to Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) general manager – research and technical services, Dr Ken Quail.

Australia well placed to feed Asian tiger

Neil Lyon, 10 February 2017

Australia’s agricultural industries should set their sights on the expanding opportunities for supplying food to Asia where the value of food consumption is forecast to double by 2050.