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Drought in Europe/Russia reshapes Asian/Middle East supply outlook

Guest Author, 14 August 2018

The unusual spectre of drought in Europe and Russia is set to impact the supply outlook for world grains and reshape Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

How can Australia regain market share in Asian grain markets?

Neil Lyon, 03 August 2018

AGIC 2018: Collaboration and differentiation hold the keys to Australia regaining market share in the increasingly price-driven South East Asian grain market, according to Market Check general manager, Richard Perkins.

Australian volume needed as Asia seeks extra 20Mt of wheat

Liz Wells, 02 August 2018

AGIC 2018: Asian wheat demand is forecast to grow by 20 million tonnes over the next 20 years, and Australia needs to increase its production to compete against attractively priced Black Sea and Argentine wheat exports of improving quality and increasing value.

New opportunities for Australian wheat in Asia

Grain Central, 05 June 2018

Specialised Australian wheat varieties are continuing to underpin the lucrative premium noodle industries in Japan and Korea – and there are opportunities to expand demand for Australian wheat for other products.

Baking rises as potential high-protein wheat class

Liz Wells, 04 April 2018

Asia’s demand for a high-protein wheat with different end-use characteristics to Prime Hard is making the creation of a new Australian baking classification likely in coming years.

Protein and promotion underpin wheat/barley exports to Asia

Neil Lyon, 02 March 2018

Australia needs to take a more aggressive approach to promotion and marketing its wheat and barley into Asian markets if it is to maintain, or grow, market share.

Will Russia pull back from Asian wheat markets?

Neil Lyon, 27 February 2018

The surge of Russian wheat into Asian markets in recent years may have plateaued and is likely to ease back over coming years, according to United States Wheat Associates president, Vince Peterson.

Aussie wheat takes the cake in Asia

Grain Central, 22 January 2018

Australian wheat could potentially take a bigger slice of the Asian cake and biscuit market in the coming years.

New wheat for Australia’s tropical north

Neil Lyon, 30 November 2017

A new wheat variety specifically adapted to tropical and sub-tropical environments is set to offer growers in the non-traditional wheat-growing regions of far-northern Australia a high-yielding, disease-resistant cereal option.

Ukraine competition heats up in Australian markets

Liz Wells, 13 October 2017

Australia’s wheat quality and proximity to Asian markets are key competitive advantages in the changing global wheat market, where exports from Black Sea ports are already making their way into some of Australia’s key markets including Egypt and Indonesia.