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Property: Canola, pulses sweeten interest in Murray/Mallee, Eyre Peninsula cropping land

Guest Author, 07 June 2017

Demand from relocating and expanding family farming operations is lifting enquiry and demand for broadacre farming holdings in Victoria’s Northern Mallee, and the Murray/Mallee and Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, where the addition of pulses and canola is buoying farm earning capacity in the face of depressed cereal values.

Australians help improve pulse production in Pakistan

Grain Central, 30 May 2017

Researchers from Charles Sturt University (CSU) at Wagga Wagga in southern NSW are leading a $2.3 million project to assist small landholders in Pakistan to enhance pulse production.

On-farm storage on shopping lists after record harvest

Guest Author, 22 May 2017

Increased marketing options and last year’s record yields across the Australian grainbelt have prompted an upswing in grower orders for on-farm storage units and systems.

Viterra invites grower feedback on new-crop segregation plan

Grain Central, 17 May 2017

South Australian bulk handler Viterra has released its preliminary segregation plan for the 2017-18 season, and is inviting growers to start the feedback process.

Pulses eclipse barley as Australia’s second-biggest grain crop

Henry Wells, 09 May 2017

Pulses have eclipsed barley’s long-held place as Australia’s second-biggest grain crop, 2016-17 Australian winter crop production figures show.

Canola/pulses head winter wish list as cereal prices languish: Rural Bank

Grain Central, 12 April 2017

With a record 2016/17 harvest completed, front of mind for Australian cropping farmers planning the 2017/18 season will be low wheat and coarse grain prices, historically low but rising fertiliser prices, high global stocks and the likelihood of a drier than normal season ahead.

Late starters come out on top in mediocre mungbean season

Neil Lyon, 31 March 2017

Late-sown mungbean crops have been the only shining light in a season to forget for most mungbean growers in the northern cropping zone this year.

Mind the gap to maximise mungbean yields

Neil Lyon, 29 March 2017

Row spacings have been confirmed as a key determinant of yield in pulse crops with Queensland research showing grain production is maximised when rows are closer together.

Winter sowing intentions: NSW growers hold out for autumn break

Neil Lyon, 14 March 2017

NSW grain growers are holding off locking in their winter cropping plans, waiting to see what the ‘autumn break’ will bring before deciding whether to go all out with potentially high-returning alternative crops or opt for a conservative strategy based on traditional cereals.

Renewed grower interest in legume break crops

Grain Central, 23 January 2017

Growers are showing renewed interest in legume ‘break crop’ rotations, particularly lentils, as a result of improved prices and the potential of new varieties.