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Finney’s legacy of vision and support for a transformed cotton industry

Neil Lyon, 16 November 2018

CRDC executive director, Bruce Finney, who steps down from the position in January, 2019, has played his part in transforming the cotton industry into one of the most switched on, dynamic sectors of Australian agriculture.

Sound strategies fight the onset of insect resistance to Bt cotton

Grain Central, 15 November 2018

While there is widespread resistance by the cotton bollworm pest to the Bt toxins that have been bred into current cotton varieties in some regions of the world, Australia’s world-leading strategies for managing Bt cotton have prevented the spread of resistance in Australian crops.

Cobran, Tindale listings offer Riverina cotton area

Liz Wells, 14 November 2018

The leased and corporate-owned Cobran Station and the family owned Tindale are on the market to offer buyers a stake in southern New South Wales irrigation country in the Hay district.

World set to produce 119.4 million bales of cotton

Grain Central, 09 November 2018

Global cotton production for 2018/19 is forecast to be 119.4 million bales (Mb), down 3.5 per cent from the previous season, but up from the February 2018 forecast of 117Mb, according to the latest USDA outlook.

Scientists find key to why cotton pest is developing resistance to Bt crops

Guest Author, 05 November 2018

Researchers have pinpointed a dominant genetic mutation that makes cotton bollworms resistant to crops genetically engineered to kill them.

Water shortage cuts cotton potential in half as sowing gains momentum

Neil Lyon, 31 October 2018

Cotton planting is well underway in the eastern cropping belt where low water reserves and muted irrigation allocations will limit the potential crop to 2.2 million bales – fewer than half last season’s 4.6-million-bale crop.

Cotton continues to push into new areas

Grain Central, 31 October 2018

Alternative weed control options and the lure of greater profits are pushing cotton into different areas through central New South Wales.

Rural Commodities Index rises 6.5 per cent in September: NAB

Grain Central, 15 October 2018

In what is the biggest monthly gain since December 2010, strong wheat and cattle prices drove a 6.5 per cent rise in the National Australia Bank (NAB) September Rural Commodities Index.

Cotton expands with confidence in 2018-19 season

Grain Central, 11 October 2018

Conditions may be dry, but the cotton industry remains optimistic ahead of the 2018-19 season, with current prices around $600 per bale.

Exports of round unginned bales shake up cotton scene

Henry Wells, 02 October 2018

Weilin Trade is adding a new dimension to Australia’s cotton industry by exporting cotton round bales, seed and all, in containers from its facility at the Western Riverina Intermodal Freight Terminal at Wumgulbal near Griffith in southern NSW.