Heavy rains, flooding inundate emerging cotton crops

Widespread rains and flooding throughout the cotton-growing regions of eastern Australia over the past few weeks have impacted this season’s emerging crops…Read More

Neil Lyon, December 8, 2021

Katherine cotton gin on track for 2022 start

Construction of the Northern Territory’s first cotton gin is well under way, with the facility on track to start operating in July next year…Read More

Grain Central, December 6, 2021

Queensland Cotton hits the century

One of the most significant organisations in the development of the cotton industry in Australia, Queensland Cotton, is celebrating its 100th birthday…Read More

Grain Central, December 6, 2021

Eastern rains set scene for mungbean surge

The big wet that has blanketed the eastern farming regions has set the scene for big acreages of later-planted summer crops like mungbeans, sorghum, sunflowers and millet to go in over coming weeks…Read More

Neil Lyon, December 3, 2021

GPA delves into fertiliser price hike

Grain Producers Australia’s (GPA) state policy managers met last week to discuss sharp increases in fertiliser prices and consider the impacts on Australian grain producers…Read More

Grain Central, December 1, 2021

Sesame production set to stretch southwards

Scientists are exploring the potential to expand the production of the ancient oilseed summer crop, sesame, from northern regions to southern Queensland and NSW…Read More

Neil Lyon, November 26, 2021

Is the nitrogen benefit from pulses overstated?

Research is showing that the widely-held assumption that pulse crops boost soil nitrogen levels for following crops may not hold true in some instances…Read More

Neil Lyon, November 24, 2021

Grower payment of EPRs due on grain regardless of end use

Australian seed companies are seeking to raise awareness about the importance of growers paying end-point royalties as harvest gathers pace…Read More

Liz Wells, November 24, 2021

Can multi-species planting provide effective weed control?

Crop competition is one of the most effective weed control tools available to growers, but some crops simply don’t have a competitive edge…Read More

Cindy Benjamin, WeedSmart, November 22, 2021

AI helps design the perfect chickpea

A massive international research effort has led to the development of a genetic model for the ‘ultimate’ chickpea, with the potential to lift crop yields by up to 12 per cent…Read More

Grain Central, November 19, 2021

Scientists solve mystery of mouldy mungbeans, weedy pigeon peas

Researchers have cracked the case of what causes powdery mildew in mungbeans, and have also found how to control weeds and minimise production loss in pigeon peas…Read More

Grain Central, November 17, 2021

New cotton group formed to advance sustainability

A select group of experts and community leaders from the cotton industry has been brought together to further improve cotton sustainability…Read More

Grain Central, November 15, 2021

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