Weekly rainfall wrap + rain outlook 16 June 2021

Moderate rainfall was recorded in much of Victoria, eastern and central NSW, south-east Queensland, and parts of Tasmania in the past week. Extremely heavy daily falls in excess of 150mm were recorded in the West Gippsland in Victoria…Read More

Bureau of Meteorology, June 16, 2021

Weekly rainfall wrap + rain outlook 9 June 2021

Cold fronts produced moderate rainfall in southern South Australia, south-west and central Victoria, and Tasmania, while a low pressure system and surface trough generated moderate falls in southern Queensland and New South Wales…Read More

Bureau of Meteorology, June 9, 2021

‘Flash droughts’ can dry out soil in weeks. New research shows what they look like in Australia

Flash droughts are droughts that begin suddenly and then rapidly become more intense. Flash droughts in Australia occur in all seasons and have led to a surge of interest among researchers…Read More

Tess Parker, Monash University and Ailie Gallant, Monash University, June 4, 2021

Weekly rainfall wrap + rain outlook 2 June 2021

Cold fronts produced moderate rainfall in south-east Australia, while moderate falls across the south-west coast of Western Australia due to a strong cold front…Read More

Bureau of Meteorology, June 2, 2021

Seasonal climate outlook Jun-Aug 2021

Rainfall for winter is likely to be above average for northern WA, the NT, most of Queensland, NSW and SA, and northern parts of Victoria and Tasmania. ..Read More

Guest Author, May 31, 2021

Warmer winter ahead for most of Australia

Most of Australia is in for a warmer than average winter, according to the latest seasonal outlook from the Bureau of Meteorology…Read More

Grain Central, May 28, 2021

Weekly rainfall wrap + rain outlook 26 May 2021

Cold fronts produced moderate rainfall in the South West Land Division of Western Australia, while agricultural districts in South Australia received widespread moderate rainfall, although totals were generally low across southeastern areas…Read More

Bureau of Meteorology, May 26, 2021

Farmers for Climate Action welcome biodiversity trading initiative

Farmers for Climate Action has welcomed a Federal Government commitment for a trial platform enabling the trading of biodiversity and emissions abatement credits from revegetation…Read More

Grain Central, May 21, 2021

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Ridley $1.14
Woolworths $42.67
Wellard $0.06
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