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Options narrow for drought-hit eastern croppers

Neil Lyon, 22 June 2018

Thousands of hectares of the eastern Australia cropping belt lie fallow as drought takes hold and the winter sowing window begins to close. Only a fraction of this season’s intended plantings are in the ground, with much of that deep sown.

BCM feeds southern grain into drought-hit Queensland

Liz Wells, 23 May 2018

Boolah Commodity Management (BCM) is leasing three grain storage sites in Brisbane which are enabling traders and end-users operating in the drought-affected southeast Queensland market to source wheat and barley shipped from southern Australian ports.

Drought/winterkill impact on US wheat crop

Grain Central, 09 April 2018

Weather extremes are impacting on grain crops in the United States where drought has prevailed throughout the wheat-growing season in many areas, while flooding has hit some eastern grain-growing regions.

Scientists engineer crops to conserve water, resist drought

Guest Author, 16 March 2018

Scientists have improved how a crop uses water by 25 per cent without compromising yield by altering the expression of one gene that is found in all plants

New frontier in heat-tolerant wheat to counter climate extremes

Neil Lyon, 18 September 2017

Plant scientists are becoming increasingly focused on breeding wheat lines with improved yield characteristics under heat stress conditions to cope with increasing climatic variability.

Key to drought-tolerant crops may be in the leaves

Grain Central, 23 August 2017

A solution to help farmers to grow crops in dry areas or during stretches of drought may depend on breeding and cultivating plants that protect themselves with a thicker layer of leaf wax, a new study shows.

Hot weather drives eastern wheat north

Henry Wells, 17 August 2017

Wheat prices in southern Queensland are on the rise, now trading at more than A$305 per tonne, $80/t above the value at harvest 2016, and a sure sign that the dry and hot winter conditions are fuelling a feedgrain deficit in southern Queensland and northern NSW.

Tax breaks for crop insurance would save Govt $7 for every $1 spent

Guest Author, 16 August 2017

A 150-per-cent tax incentive on multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI) premiums would save the Federal Government $7 for every dollar spent, according to a Williams Hall Chadwick report.

Policy complacency looks likely to see multi-peril insurance fail

Guest Author, 24 July 2017

As a looming drought in WA appears increasingly likely to decimate grain production and farm incomes, there is some irony in the lack of enthusiasm shown by governments to firmly establish multi-peril insurance as a preferred option for farmers to reduce drought risk.

Dry takes hold across much of Continent

Grain Central, 05 July 2017

June rainfall was below average for most of Australia, and lowest on record for much of inland northern and north eastern Victoria, adjacent inland southern NSW, southwest and western Western Australia, and eastern Tasmania.