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FTAs set to deliver more benefits to Australian exporters: Coulton

Henry Wells, 15 August 2018

New benefits are on the way for Australian exporters and investors through the continual upgrading of market access arrangements and Free Trade Agreements.

Who will Australia back in US/China tussle?

Neil Lyon, 09 August 2018

Australia will ultimately have to choose a side in the escalating trade and political spat between the United States and China, a move that will have big implications for Australia’s agricultural exports, according to Rabobank’s Hong Kong-based senior Asia Pacific strategist, Michael Every.

Ukraine grain juggernaut continues to rise in the East

Neil Lyon, 02 August 2018

AGIC 2018: The rise of Ukraine into a formidable force in world grain production shows no sign of slowing as the eastern European country unlocks further potential for increasing yields and expanding exports.

Uncertain price outlook for desi chickpeas

Guest Author, 27 March 2018

Price uncertainty for new-crop desi chickpeas as market grapples with implications of India’s imposition of tariffs on imports.

Durum exports from Kembla headline lacklustre year

Liz Wells, 26 March 2018

Port Kembla is usually a powerhouse of bulk grain exporting at this time of year, but not so in 2018, following below-average yields across much of southwest and central NSW which depleted the export surplus throughout its drawing arc.

No hike in Indian wheat tariff good news for Australia

Liz Wells, 22 March 2018

India has shelved its plan to double its tariff on wheat to 40 per cent, a move that is likely to support Australian wheat prices.

New South Australian terminal to export grain this year

Liz Wells, 14 March 2018

Australia’s first farmer and private-equity partnership port will be built at Lucky Bay on Eyre Peninsula (EP) to provide a grain storage and export option to the bulk handling and loading facilities operated in South Australia by Glencore’s Viterra.

January wheat exports at 1.17Mt, down 16pc from December

Liz Wells, 13 March 2018

Australia shipped 1.17 million tonnes of wheat in January, down 16 per cent from 1.4Mt in December, according to export data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Myanmar, Vietnam major markets for Australia’s boxed wheat

Liz Wells, 12 February 2018

Myanmar was Australia’s major containerised wheat market in the second half of 2017, according to export data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Port Lincoln wheat/barley shipment kicks off SA exports

Grain Central, 23 November 2017

The Adriana Rose, the third-largest grain vessel ever to be loaded in South Australia, is taking on 74,000 tonnes of wheat and barley in total at Viterra’s Port Lincoln terminal this week.