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Incitec Pivot expands Adelaide fertiliser operations

Grain Central, 13 November 2018

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers is expanding its distribution facilities at Port Adelaide, leasing the nearby MacroFertil site to meet growing demand for bulk and blended fertilisers in South Australia.

Scientists identify genes plants use to redirect nitrogen

Grain Central, 09 November 2018

US scientists have identified networks of genes and gene regulators that allow plants to direct nitrogen to different parts, a discovery that may speed the breeding of new plant varieties to be more effective with how they use nitrogen.

Soil test to save on fertiliser budget

Grain Central, 29 October 2018

This year’s desperately dry winter across the northern farming zone may have a small upside for some grain growers in New South Wales and Queensland with the potential for summer crop fertiliser budgets to be revised on failed cropping country.

Finding the balance in farming systems

Grain Central, 22 October 2018

New farming systems research on Queensland’s Darling Downs is working towards finding the impact of cropping rotations, intensity and nutrient strategies on productivity and sustainability.

Work starts on Grassdale’s $35m feedlot, fertiliser plant and power station expansion

James Nason, 03 October 2018

Work has commenced on the first stage of a $35 million project that will deliver a three-pronged expansion at Mort & Co’s Grassdale Feedlot near Dalby.

Nitrogen needed to fill the gap in high rainfall zones

Grain Central, 20 August 2018

Evidence suggests many crops across all rainfall zones are nitrogen deficient, and this is one of the major reasons why cereal yields are on average only half what they should be.

Not too late to address nitrogen deficiencies in cereals

Grain Central, 14 August 2018

Western Australian grain growers considering the nutritional requirements of wheat and barley crops following recent rainfall are advised nitrogen (N) fertiliser applied relatively late in the season can often achieve optimum results for both grain yields and protein levels.

Fertiliser destroys plants’ ability to protect against disease

Guest Author, 27 July 2018

A new study of the role microbial communities play on the leaves of plants suggests that fertilising crops may make them more susceptible to disease.

Researchers engineer bacteria to create fertiliser out of thin air

Guest Author, 19 July 2018

Research by Washington University in St. Louis scientists in the United States show that it might soon be possible to engineer plants to develop their own fertiliser.

Urea price climbs on global demand/currency

Neil Lyon, 18 July 2018

World supply and demand factors, and changes in currency exchange rates, appear to be the main drivers behind a $60/t hike in the price of urea in recent weeks.