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Pulse faint on chickpea market as production outlook slides

Liz Wells, 01 November 2018

Australia’s current chickpea harvest is expected to produce less than 200,000 tonnes, down 100,000t on Pulse Australia’s most recent estimate from early August, and is meeting limited export demand at present.

Australia’s July chickpea exports bounce along the bottom

Liz Wells, 12 September 2018

July shipments of Australian chickpeas have continued at lacklustre levels, with Pakistan the only bulk market, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) export data.

Indian government lifts then reimposes pea import ban

Henry Wells, 31 August 2018

Trade sources report India lifted its ban on certain classes of imported peas mid-week, then reimposed the ban yesterday, to add further uncertainty to the world’s biggest pulse market.

Australia’s May chickpea exports drop 37pc to 43,856t

Liz Wells, 12 July 2018

Australia exported 43,856 tonnes of chickpeas in May, down 37pc from the April figure of 69,103t, according to the latest data available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Pakistan buying kicks chickpea price to season high of $670/t

Liz Wells, 15 June 2018

Pakistan has continued to be a volume buyer of Australian chickpeas, which this week hit a new high for the year of $670/t as importer concerns about dry weather in Australia mount.

US wheat groups back challenge to India’s market support programs

Grain Central, 10 May 2018

The United States has questioned the data India has reported to the World Trade Organization about its market price support programs for wheat and rice.

Agromin’s Peaco link helps builds pulse sales to South Asia

Grain Central, 02 May 2018

Pulse exporter Agromin Australia has expanded its market share in South Asia through becoming a stakeholder in Victorian packing house, Peaco,

India temporarily bans Canadian yellow pea imports

Henry Wells, 27 April 2018

India has switched its import policy on yellow peas from “free” to “restricted”, effectively placing a temporary ban on fresh arrivals of peas typically sold by Canada to India.

India imports a chickpea donut in February

Liz Wells, 09 April 2018

Australia’s chickpea exports in February at 50,832 tonnes were down 13 per cent from a downwardly revised 58,190t in January, according to the latest export figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

No hike in Indian wheat tariff good news for Australia

Liz Wells, 22 March 2018

India has shelved its plan to double its tariff on wheat to 40 per cent, a move that is likely to support Australian wheat prices.