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Don’t forget the record carry-out

Guest Author, 25 July 2017

A recent crop tour of Western Australia followed by a visit to southern NSW has emphasised the poor season being experienced by precipitation-dependent industries across the southern parts of Australia this winter.

International pulse conference: Global demand growing at ‘incredible pace’

Guest Author, 18 July 2017

Just back from the Global Pulse Conference in Vancouver, attended by more than 1100 participants from over 70 countries, Nidera’s Rob Brealey says demand for pulses is growing at an incredible pace, not just in traditional markets but throughout the Western world and deep into Asia as well.

Take a seat at the protein poker table…

Guest Author, 04 July 2017

Since the beginning of June, there has been a substantial rally in the US futures markets, much of it driven by fund short covering.

Europe raises the red flag …

Guest Author, 20 June 2017

The benefits of widespread rainfall throughout Europe in May are being eroded by hot and dry weather across many parts of the continent in the first two weeks of June, jeopardising production, particularly in western European countries, where above average temperatures are forecast to continue for at least the next 10 days.

Garsh, Sha-zam, Gall-lee…we have ourselves a weather market

Guest Author, 13 June 2017

The relatively benign markets of the early northern hemisphere spring months have given way to increased volatility as a flurry of news reports cast doubt over cereal production through parts of the United States (US) and Canada.

China solving its cornucopia

Guest Author, 23 May 2017

China’s domestic corn stock auctions have had high clearance rates at high prices. Despite big South American crops, corn prices appear buoyant.

Ocean freight rates bunker down…

Guest Author, 02 May 2017

Ocean freight rates have risen. Perhaps fair market prevails. Peter McMeekin explains.

Nidera Australia joins COFCO

Grain Central, 26 April 2017

Nidera Australia has this week officially joined forces with COFCO, sealing many months of work to enmesh the Australian company within the global business.

Let the seeding begin

Guest Author, 26 April 2017

ANZAC Day has just passed and, historically, across many parts of Australia, that signals the opening of the winter crop planting window.

The low price cycle pedals on

Guest Author, 18 April 2017

Grain supplies across the globe continue to grow, as harvest of the record summer crop in South America ramps up and the northern hemisphere winter crop ticks along with very few issues at this stage of the spring.