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Feedgrain Focus: South softens as rain eases northern pressure

Liz Wells, 28 June 2018

Rain in New South Wales and Queensland has caused southern wheat and barley values to drop $10-$15 per tonne in recent days, but the northern market has shown much less weakness.

Feedgrain Focus: Prices firm despite forecast Queensland rain

Liz Wells, 21 June 2018

Widespread rain forecast for much of Queensland’s grain-producing areas has animal feeders hopeful of an easing in prices, but not seeing any downward movement yet.

Feedgrain Focus: End-users join graziers to extend coverage

Liz Wells, 14 June 2018

Major end-users like feedlots have joined graziers in the market for prompt-delivered feedgrains and cottonseed as the reality of the dry winter now upon us hits home.

Queensland modellers predict below-median 2018 winter-crop yields

Grain Central, 11 June 2018

The reality of poor autumn rains has severely reduced the winter crop potential in Queensland – see the latest forecasts here.

Australia’s April chickpea exports down 35pc from March

Liz Wells, 11 June 2018

Australia’s chickpea exports in April totaled 70,963 tonnes, a 35-per-cent drop from 109,404t shipped in March, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) latest export data.

Darling Downs feedgrain hits $400/t ceiling

Liz Wells, 18 May 2018

The feedgrain market centred on southern Queensland is believed to have peaked this week at $400 per tonne now that grain being shipped from southern Australian ports to Brisbane is trading at the same levels as wheat and barley sourced up-country.

Rise in Maranoa land values: Rural Bank

Liz Wells, 08 May 2018

Rural land values in Queensland’s Maranoa district have risen over 2017 to make them the top performer for inland Queensland, according to a Rural Bank report.

Cotton picking hits straps with southern NSW start

Liz Wells, 04 May 2018

The cotton harvest in southern New South Wales has hit its straps this week, with all four gins now operating and ready to process fibre from a record planting of 90,000 hectares, up from 58,000ha last year.

Storms buoy winter-crop prospects, disrupt summer harvest

Liz Wells, 27 February 2018

Storms in the past fortnight have brought 10-250 millimetres of rain to cropping areas of Queensland and northern NSW, disrupting the summer-crop harvest in some areas, but bolstering planting prospects for the upcoming winter crop in most.

Agricultural bodies slam Senate’s Murray-Darling decision

Liz Wells, 15 February 2018

The Australian Senate’s vote last night to cut 70 gigalitres (Gl) of water available to users in the northern reaches of the Murray-Darling Basin has sparked the ire of agricultural bodies including the National Farmers Federation (NFF), Cotton Australia, NSW Farmers’ Association, the Queensland Farmers’ Federation and the National Irrigators’ Council.