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NSW flies under the rain radar

Grain Central, 12 July 2018

The latest NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) State Seasonal Update for June indicates some welcome rain was received in southern NSW, but the majority of the state continues to endure dry conditions.

Rain front lifts WA winter crop prospects

Neil Lyon, 04 July 2018

Widespread rain across much of the Western Australian cropping belt over the past couple of days has boosted winter crop prospects, particularly in the northern and central regions.

Patchy rains bring mixed fortunes to eastern croppers

Neil Lyon, 29 June 2018

A rain front that passed over the parched eastern Australia cropping belt in the past few days brought solid falls to parts of Queensland and the western farming regions of New South Wales, but largely missed the desperately dry northern NSW slopes and Hunter Valley.

Warmer, drier winter forecast for much of Australia

Grain Central, 14 June 2018

Northern Australia and the south east mainland are likely to be drier than average for the July to September period, according to the latest outlook from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Steady as it goes for southern winter crop

Neil Lyon, 01 June 2018

Rain across the southern farming regions of Victoria and South Australia this week has come at a crucial time for winter cropping programs.

Winter crop weather prospects hard to call + VIDEO

Neil Lyon, 09 May 2018

A high degree of ‘scatter’ in weather forecasting models is making it hard to predict what’s in store for the forthcoming winter cropping season, according to CottonInfo/AgEcon climate risk technical lead, Jon Welsh.

El Niño–Southern Oscillation likely to remain neutral through winter

Grain Central, 26 April 2018

Climate models suggest the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) will remain neutral through winter and temperatures will remain close to average through the southern hemisphere winter. 

Drought/winterkill impact on US wheat crop

Grain Central, 09 April 2018

Weather extremes are impacting on grain crops in the United States where drought has prevailed throughout the wheat-growing season in many areas, while flooding has hit some eastern grain-growing regions.

Weather phenomena like El Nino affect up to two-thirds of world’s harvests

Grain Central, 06 April 2018

Large-scale weather cycles, such as the one related to the El Niño phenomenon, affect two-thirds of the world’s cropland, according to researchers at Aalto University, Finland.

La Niña on the way out

Grain Central, 02 March 2018

The La Nina weather pattern continues to weaken and is likely to end in autumn, according to the latest climate outlook by the Bureau of Meteorology.