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Eastern Australian harvest intake 5.6Mt: GrainCorp/Viterra

Grain Central, 03 January 2019

Bulk handlers GrainCorp and Viterra have now received around 5.6 million tonnes from the harvest which is now winding down in eastern Australia in all states bar Victoria, where rain delayed activity in the last fortnight of 2018.

Eastern Australian harvest intake 4.79Mt: GrainCorp/Viterra

Liz Wells, 18 December 2018

Grain received in the eastern Australian harvest by GrainCorp and Viterra now totals 4.79 million tonnes (Mt) following receivals into their systems which totalled 152,900 tonnes in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and 391,071t in South Australia.

Eastern Australian harvest intake hits 4.2Mt: GrainCorp/Viterra

Grain Central, 11 December 2018

Receivals in the eastern Australian harvest have hit 4.2 million tonnes, according to the latest updates from bulk handlers GrainCorp and Viterra.

Eastern harvest intake passes 3Mt: GrainCorp/Viterra

Grain Central, 04 December 2018

Grain receivals from the eastern Australian harvest to date have hit 3 million tonnes, with GrainCorp’s intake in eastern states now at 1Mt as of 3 December, and Viterra’s in South Australia at just under 2Mt as of 2 December, according to their latest weekly harvest reports.

Eastern Australian harvest intake hits 2.3Mt: GrainCorp/Viterra

Grain Central, 27 November 2018

Harvest to date in South Australia and its eastern neighbours has hit 2.3 million tonnes, with rain slowing progress in South Australia, where Viterra has now received 1.63Mt, compared with 672,000t in total received by GrainCorp in eastern states.

Eastern Australian harvest intake hits 1.8Mt: GrainCorp/Viterra

Grain Central, 20 November 2018

Bulk handlers GrainCorp and Viterra have received a total of 449,500 tonnes and 1.35 million tonnes of grain respectively in the harvest to date to take the total intake for mainland states outside Western Australia to 1.8Mt.

NSW grain intake behind Victoria’s as SA harvest accelerates

Liz Wells, 13 November 2018

Harvest in the past week has seen tonnage delivered to the South Australian Viterra network almost double, while in GrainCorp’s eastern states system, Victoria’s intake for the week and the harvest to November 12 is now ahead of New South Wales’.

Viterra takes in 258,059t as South Australian harvest cranks up

Grain Central, 07 November 2018

Viterra takes in 258,059t as South Australian harvest cranks up

Yorke Peninsula lots go local at auction for $13m

Liz Wells, 06 November 2018

The Webb properties at Pine Point on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula have sold to what is believed to be a new high for the district’s coastal cropping country of $10,469 per hectare.

Newcastle/Port Kembla help eastern markets adjust to new normal

Liz Wells, 15 October 2018

Commercial grain users in the eastern half of New South Wales are committing to wheat, barley and oats shipped in from Western Australian and South Australia via Port Kembla and Newcastle in a pattern which looks set to continue until next year’s winter-crop harvest.