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Eastern summer croppers pin hopes on predicted rains

Neil Lyon, 13 December 2018

Rain falling today across Victoria is a promising forerunner to what the Bureau of Meteorology predicts will be widespread rains across much of the eastern Australia cropping zone over the next few days.

Millet hangs out for reviving drink

Neil Lyon, 13 December 2018

Rain forecast for Queensland’s Darling Downs on the weekend can’t come quickly enough for millet crops that have been struggling under hot, dry, windy conditions.

Reduced corn plantings compete for scarce water

Neil Lyon, 27 November 2018

Maize plantings are significantly down this season as the crop competes with alternative options, such as cotton, for limited irrigation water allocations.

Summer weeds blitz key to crop success

Grain Central, 20 November 2018

Removing summer weeds in the months after winter crop harvest will be one of the biggest contributors to improving water use efficiency, minimising soil nutrient losses and reducing disease carryover for 2019 crops.

Seed supplies and rain fuel hopes for big mungbean crop

Liz Wells, 19 November 2018

Recent soaking rain in some summer-cropping areas, a buoyant price outlook, and adequate supplies of seed could see Australia plant its biggest ever mungbean area when the main summer planting window opens in December-January.

Summer rainfall outlook points to drier WA/Qld/Tas; wetter Vic/NSW: BOM

Grain Central, 15 November 2018

Large parts of WA are likely to be drier than average, along with western Tasmania and scattered parts of central Australia and Queensland which are likely to experience a drier-than-normal summer period, according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s latest climate outlook.

How much water have I stored since the last crop?

Guest Author, 13 November 2018

The importance of stored soil water comes to the forefront in seasons like this where, in the eastern farming zones, there has been little in-crop rain over winter followed by summer crop planting rain in those areas lucky enough to have received it.

Late rains deliver modest gains for NSW croppers

Neil Lyon, 08 November 2018

A rain front that passed over the drought-affected cropping regions of New South Wales yesterday brought a degree of 11th-hour relief to struggling winter crops and helped kick along emerging summer crops.

How much soil moisture does a summer crop need?

Grain Central, 07 November 2018

Calculating soil moisture will be a critical consideration in summer crop planting decisions this season with wide spread rain continuing to prove elusive across large areas of Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Eastern croppers feel the heat

Neil Lyon, 05 November 2018

Heatwave conditions across the New South Wales/Queensland cropping belt have triggered fire alerts for winter crop harvesters in the south and forced a pause in some summer cropping activities in the north.