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Young Aussie farmers gain insight into challenges facing US farmers

Neil Lyon, 06 September 2017

US agriculture is doing it tough with American farmers finding it hard to turn a profit in an era of low commodity prices and high costs, despite a system of support well beyond that available to Australian growers.

Growers put combine-integrated seed destroyer to the test

Grain Central, 06 September 2017

First-time Western Australian grower users of the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD) are looking forward to adopting the latest developments with the technology for the upcoming grain harvest, as well as further improving their weed control, chemical use and soil nutrition through reduced burning.

Weedsmart: How can I take the pressure off glyphosate across the crop rotation?

Guest Author, 04 September 2017

Now is the time to take pre-emptive action to reduce the incidence of glyphosate resistance in weeds, recognising the need to implement management practices that help protect the efficacy of glyphosate in farming systems.

What to do with low-yield-potential crops?

Grain Central, 14 August 2017

As dry conditions continue to impact on crops in many regions of Australia, affected growers will be faced with difficult decisions that will have long lasting effects on the weed seed bank.

Zero row spacing could take crop competition to a new level

Grain Central, 24 July 2017

Shielded spraying and zero row spacings are helping a Victorian farmer keep on top of the weed burden.

Harvest weed seed control joins the mainstream

Grain Central, 17 July 2017

A survey has revealed 43 per cent of Australian grain growers are currently practising harvest weed seed control (HWSC) and this is set to double within the next five years.

Delay spraying stressed weeds after rain

Grain Central, 07 July 2017

Dry season agronomy is difficult. In affected areas there is a reasonable chance that pre-emergent herbicides applied at or before seeding will not work as well as they usually would, even when it does rain.

Ranking paddocks for weed expenditure in a dry year

Grain Central, 22 June 2017

The lack of autumn rains in areas like the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia and no follow-up rain for dry sown crops in some Western Australian districts means there will be many crops with variable establishment and variable growth rates, making weed control more challenging.

Harvest weed seed control tools – they all work

Grain Central, 16 June 2017

The Harrington Seed Destructor, chaff carts and narrow windrow burn techniques are all equally as effective as one another at reducing the weed seed burden.

Weedsmart: Using fodder crops to manage resistant weeds

Guest Author, 08 June 2017

Growers should seriously consider the value of pasture and fodder crops to regain control of herbicide resistant weeds.