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New app for early weed identification

Grain Central, 23 January 2019

A new weed identification mobile app developed for the cotton industry could have wider application across a range of other crops in the broadacre farming sector.

New low cost, vertical weed seed destructor to ramp up war on weeds

Grain Central, 18 January 2019

Harvester-integrated weed seed control is now within reach of many more growers following the release of a vertical, mechanical-drive version of the popular Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD).

Pre-emergent strategy to control summer weeds

Grain Central, 18 January 2019

Rather than relying solely on a knockdown strategy to control summer weeds, growers are increasingly introducing a pre-emergent herbicide in the fallow phase, to assist in tackling these problems.

Early weed control/moisture conservation lift yields

Grain Central, 17 January 2019

Growers should act early and stay on top of emerging weeds during summer and autumn to optimise soil moisture and nutrient conservation and minimise the ‘green bridge’ for carry-over of pests and diseases.

Stiff crop competition combats summer weeds

Grain Central, 20 December 2018

With pressure on to find effective non-herbicide weed control tactics, evidence is mounting that creating stiff competition from summer crops really can be an effective weapon in the war on herbicide resistant weeds.

How can I manage summer weeds without spraying at night?

Guest Author, 13 December 2018

Recent changes to 2,4-D label instructions have re-focused attention on the need to avoid night spraying, particularly after 10pm through to after sunrise.

Strategy to drive down glyphosate-resistant weed seed bank in cotton

Grain Central, 06 December 2018

Researchers have designed a strategy to counter glyphosate-resistant weeds in cotton farming systems.

Ryegrass seed set control in canola – timing is everything: AHRI

Guest Author, 04 December 2018

In the battle against herbicide resistance, stopping ryegrass seed set pre-harvest in canola is all about timing. Sometimes the timing window lines up, other times it does not.

Hit summer weeds early to optimise benefits

Grain Central, 30 November 2018

Southern region grain growers – in areas where ground cover is sufficient – should control summer weeds at the earliest opportunity to optimise the potential for a multitude of agronomic and financial benefits.

Cotton aids weed control on north west NSW farm

Grain Central, 23 November 2018

A north west NSW farming family having difficulty controlling Johnson grass in sorghum has found the introduction of cotton as a dryland summer crop option has given them a new option for controlling Johnson grass and a range of other weeds.