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WA harvest passes three-million-tonne mark

Grain Central, 17 November 2017

More than three million tonnes of grain have been received so far into the CBH Group’s system in Western Australia as the WA harvest gathers pace after thunderstorms created havoc earlier in the month.

Time to think about lime

Grain Central, 16 November 2017

Lime use in Western Australian agricultural systems dropped 25 per cent this year and grain growers are encouraged to carefully assess their lime requirements ahead of the 2018 cropping season.

WA crop potential continues to rise as harvest cranks up

Neil Lyon, 13 November 2017

Winter crop prospects continue to improve in Western Australia as late season grain fill moves the 2017 harvest from ‘ordinary’ to ‘average’ and lifts WA’s production potential to 12.326 million tonnes.

Smooth sailing for WA gravel soils project

Grain Central, 06 November 2017

A high-tech grains project is getting closer to developing more efficient and effective mechanisms to measure gravel soil properties, which will assist growers to optimise fertiliser and lime inputs and boost crop potential.

WA winter crop stages late comeback

Neil Lyon, 16 October 2017

Crop production estimates have been lifted across the board in Western Australia on the back of September rain and cooler conditions that have been ideal for grain fill.

WA harvest kicks off on upbeat note

Neil Lyon, 10 October 2017

CBH took its first delivery of canola at the Port of Esperance on Friday, marking the start of winter crop harvest in Western Australia, but it will be a few weeks yet before headers move into full swing across the WA cropping belt.

Tough new MRL stance protects clean export grain reputation

Grain Central, 05 October 2017

A regime of escalating penalties against deliveries exceeding maximum residue levels has been implemented in the major grains and oilseeds export state, Western Australia.

Simple header modifications for harvesting short, drought-affected crops

Grain Central, 29 September 2017

A range of header modifications is available to assist grain growers facing the challenge of harvesting short crops this year.

Wheat shandy reduces frost/heat risk

Neil Lyon, 28 September 2017

Sowing a ‘shandy’ mix of different wheat varieties into the same paddock could buffer crops against the risk of frost and heat damage later in the season.

WA tool for identifying extreme weather events

Grain Central, 25 September 2017

A new tool is available to assist Western Australian grain growers determine from home whether their crops may have been affected by extreme temperature events.