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New frontier in heat-tolerant wheat to counter climate extremes

Neil Lyon, 18 September 2017

Plant scientists are becoming increasingly focused on breeding wheat lines with improved yield characteristics under heat stress conditions to cope with increasing climatic variability.

Changing climate stalls wheat yield gains

Neil Lyon, 15 September 2017

Climate variability is largely to blame for the plateauing of wheat yields over the past 30 years, according to I.A. Watson Grains Research Centre director, professor Richard Trethowan.

USDA supply-and-demand report bolsters world wheat price outlook

Guest Author, 13 September 2017

The USDA’s September World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates have given support to wheat prices, with a 1.7-million-tonne (Mt) production increase in 2017/18 being seen as insufficient to offset a 2.7Mt decrease in beginning stocks.

Jack’s back…

Guest Author, 12 September 2017

Frost has impacted on the yield potential of Australia’s 2017 chickpea crop, and on winter crops generally across much of eastern Australia.

New wheat classifications open up options for southern growers

Grain Central, 12 September 2017

Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) have secured a quality classification upgrade for Cutlass wheat from APW to AH, and an AH classification for Scepter wheat for the 2018 growing season in the southern New South Wales region.

Southern feed grain market feels the heat of northern dry

Guest Author, 11 September 2017

Domestic feed-sector demand for wheat and barley now growing in Victoria and southern NSW has strengthened in the past week as warm days, a lack of rain and yet more frosts batter prospects for struggling crops in southern Queensland and central and northern NSW.

Smorgasbord of disease for spring

Grain Central, 11 September 2017

Farmers should be closely monitoring their crops to avoid yield losses from a range of diseases which could hit this spring.

Inland Rail success demands dedicated freight line to Brisbane Port

Guest Author, 08 September 2017

Agricultural exports through the Port of Brisbane will not benefit from the construction of the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail Corridor until a dedicated freight line through Brisbane’s south-eastern suburbs is built.

Protein mapping completes the performance picture

Grain Central, 07 September 2017

Real time protein mapping technology may provide the missing link for growers looking to better identify the causes of lost revenue in their paddocks and capture protein premiums with grain sales more frequently.

Victorian grain ready for road trip to southern Queensland buyers

Henry Wells, 06 September 2017

Deteriorating winter-crop prospects on southern Queensland’s Darling Downs and central and northern New South Wales have sparked the next round of buying from end users, and loads of current-crop grain from as far south as Victoria are now pricing into new-crop slots.