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South America to reap benefits from Australian-bred durum wheat

Guest Author, 17 November 2017

The first commercial crop of an Australian durum wheat variety that was unsuccessful in its home country will be harvested in Chile in February.

New AGT wheat for medium-low rainfall areas

Grain Central, 15 November 2017

Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) are addressing a gap in the wheat variety market with the release of Longsword, a new winter wheat variety specifically designed for medium-low rainfall environments.

Big drop in winter crop production forecast: Rabobank

Grain Central, 01 November 2017

Sustained dry weather conditions have significantly cut Australian winter crop production, with the upcoming grain harvest now expected to come in 41 per cent below 2016/17, and well below the five-year average, according to Rabobank’s latest crop forecast.

Poor yields, strong price as harvest stumbles south

Henry Wells, 31 October 2017

The harvest epicentre on the eastern seaboard is moving through southern Queensland and north-west NSW where warm, dry days are giving headers an open run at stripping a mixed bag of winter crops.

Flour power to boost food security + VIDEO

Grain Central, 31 October 2017

The discovery of genes that determine the yield of flour from wheat could increase milling yield, boosting food security and producing a healthier flour.

Drones help researchers stay on top of wheat improvement

Grain Central, 24 October 2017

Kansas University researchers conducting field work on wheat genetics have found the most promising technology is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones to scout agricultural fields for important data.

Sorghum buyers go to ground as rain impacts wheat

Liz Wells, 20 October 2017

Traders and end-users are waiting for wheat’s premium over sorghum to drop before extending near-term coverage as prospects for a summer-crop improve and quality prospects for the point-of-harvest winter crop deteriorate with every rain event.

Crop cut by half, lowest in decade: NAB

Grain Central, 16 October 2017

Through a season that National Australia Bank described as having been “all over the shop”, it predicts that Australia’s 2017 wheat crop will be 18.7 million tonnes (Mt), down almost 47 per cent (pc) on the 2016 record crop.

Crop program adjustment lifts output + VIDEO

Grain Central, 16 October 2017

Victorian mixed-farmer Bruce Macague has seen a lift in his grain and lamb output after adjusting the cropping program on the family property near Rochester in the state’s north.

Ukraine competition heats up in Australian markets

Liz Wells, 13 October 2017

Australia’s wheat quality and proximity to Asian markets are key competitive advantages in the changing global wheat market, where exports from Black Sea ports are already making their way into some of Australia’s key markets including Egypt and Indonesia.