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Birds in’flu’ence Asian grain markets

Guest Author, 28 March 2017

Hardly a week has gone by recently without another avian influenza (bird flu) outbreak somewhere in the northern hemisphere. The main region hit has been Asia with lesser outbreaks recorded in Europe and the United States (US).

Chickpea intentions escalate as demand continues

Guest Author, 21 March 2017

After a successful 2016 harvest, chickpeas are certainly featuring heavily in many growers’ plans with most pundits suggesting that chickpea planting intentions are similar to last year.

Northern hemisphere winter crop emerges from dormancy in good shape

Guest Author, 14 March 2017

European, Black Sea region hopeful that wheat crops have emerged well from winter dormancy, while US wheat conditions are mixed.

Supply encouraging hand-to-mouth sentiment

Guest Author, 07 March 2017

uying grain requirements ‘hand-to-mouth’ has been the modus operandi for most domestic consumers over the past six months. Falling prices, a big crop in the making and a harvest inverse were the catalyst for their approach to the market last year. Now that record crop is in the bin the buyers have not been in any rush to get extensive cover out the demand curve.

Will India be back for more chickpeas once their harvest is completed?

Guest Author, 31 January 2017

Quality and quantity questions around the Indian chickpea crop should be answered by mid-March, when the bigger producing states such as Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, begin harvesting and farmers start marketing their produce.

SAM trumps Uncle Sam…

Guest Author, 24 January 2017

Droughts and floods are jeopardising South American summer crop production, while Trump kills off the TPP in a move that will reverberate around the Pacific.

Will low prices cure low prices?

Grain Central, 17 January 2017

As we stand today, the new crop domestic price should be viewed as attractive and anybody with a degree of production certainty should consider taking some price risk off the table, writes Nidera in this week’s market report.

The good oil on grain prices…

Guest Author, 06 December 2016

Global oil producers have announced a deal to help the market strike a balance between demand and a surfeit of supplies that has weighed heavily on oil prices since 2014.

Let’s look at the harvest so far

Guest Author, 01 December 2016

The Australian dollar has been one of the saving graces for domestic wheat and barley prices.

Aussie dollar gives us hope …

Guest Author, 22 November 2016

As a major exporter of grain the lower AUD improves the competiveness of Australian grain in the world market place as the USD is the base currency used when negotiating and transacting commodity sales globally.