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Mind the gap to maximise mungbean yields

Neil Lyon, 29 March 2017

Row spacings have been confirmed as a key determinant of yield in pulse crops with Queensland research showing grain production is maximised when rows are closer together.

Winter sowing intentions: NSW growers hold out for autumn break

Neil Lyon, 14 March 2017

NSW grain growers are holding off locking in their winter cropping plans, waiting to see what the ‘autumn break’ will bring before deciding whether to go all out with potentially high-returning alternative crops or opt for a conservative strategy based on traditional cereals.

Renewed grower interest in legume break crops

Grain Central, 23 January 2017

Growers are showing renewed interest in legume ‘break crop’ rotations, particularly lentils, as a result of improved prices and the potential of new varieties.

Mungbeans feel the heat as moisture dries up

Neil Lyon, 12 January 2017

Mungbean crops are starting to do it tough as a long dry spell, compounded by a scorching heatwave gripping the northern growing regions of eastern Australia this week, take their toll.

Australian-led project to lift pulse profitability in Pakistan

Grain Central, 09 January 2017

An Australian project team of agronomists, food technologists, economists and social scientists from Charles Sturt University, Farmlink (Wagga Wagga farmer group) and Pulse Australia has set the groundwork for identifying the constraints to pulse production and profitability in Pakistan.

Lentil harvest kicks off in Mallee/Riverina

Neil Lyon, 17 November 2016

Headers are moving through the first of this season’s lentil crops in Victoria’s northern Mallee and NSW southern Riverina where conditions have been ideal for producing average to above-average yields.

Bid to boost summer pulses in northern farming systems

Grain Central, 09 November 2016

The adoption of summer pulse crops in the northern farming region is relatively low despite the potential environmental and economic benefits, particularly in the Queensland grains region where they account for just four per cent of total cropping.

Late season spray for budworm in lupins

Grain Central, 24 October 2016

Correct timing of sprays to control native budworm when the pests are at high levels is important to protect yields from lupin crops and other susceptible crops including canola.

Push to make pulses staple of choice

Grain Central, 24 October 2016

A multi-million dollar project has been launched as part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) program with the ambitious aims of bolstering legumes as global food demand increases in an environment of climate change and scarce natural resources.

Pulse harvest – the good, the bad and the ugly

Neil Lyon, 07 October 2016

Chickpea growers in Central Queensland have begun harvesting crops yielding up to three tonnes/hectare, but it will be a different story in southern growing areas hit by prolonged wet weather and flooding.