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What a ripper: no scratching the surface for these WA farmers

Neil Lyon, 24 March 2017

Aggressive soil disturbance techniques designed to reshape the soil profile and overcome a range of underlying constraints are starting to pay dividends for an extensive cropping enterprise in Western Australia’s central wheatbelt.

Chaff carts join the charge against weed seeds

Grain Central, 24 March 2017

When planning investments for 2017 harvest machinery, a chaff cart may prove an economic option for taking pre-emptive action against future problem weeds and herbicide resistance issues.

Canola seed shortage forces farmers to adopt home-grown strategy

Neil Lyon, 21 March 2017

Canola growers gearing up for a surge in plantings this winter cropping season have been forced to dip into their stocks of farm-retained, open pollinated varieties to make up for a shortfall in seed supplies of commercial hybrid lines.

Winter sowing intentions: early rains underwrite WA crop prospects

Neil Lyon, 17 March 2017

Widespread rains across Western Australia’s grainbelt at the end of January and the start of February have given growers a promising head start for the forthcoming winter cropping program.

WA grain growers look beyond above-average season

Grain Central, 14 March 2017

Now WA growers have a clearer understanding of their financial position after winter crop harvest, they need to start planning for the year ahead.

WA facing potentially severe weed year

Grain Central, 13 March 2017

Grain growers are urged to adopt the Scouting Movement’s motto and ‘be prepared’ for the risk of a big year for crop pests and diseases.

Scientists discover dark matter of bread wheat genome

Grain Central, 09 March 2017

Researchers from The University of Western Australia (UWA) have identified 21,000 new genes in bread wheat.

Oats on a roll in WA

Neil Lyon, 06 March 2017

A rising middle class and changing dietary habits in Asia are creating new opportunities for Australian oat production, driving the continued expansion of the industry beyond the traditional growing regions in Western Australia.

Doppler radars extend weather coverage across WA grainbelt

Neil Lyon, 06 March 2017

New Doppler radar installations at Newdegate and South Doodlakine in Western Australia have extended radar coverage across the grainbelt, providing growers, agribusiness and rural communities with detailed rainfall and wind information to make better-informed decisions.

… while the West kicked off with cool, flooding rains

Grain Central, 23 February 2017

While south-eastern Australia sweltered through record heatwaves over summer, Western Australia recorded a cool, wet start to the year with widespread flooding across the south-west.