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How to make use of all that farm data

Collecting on-farm data is one thing, but being able to analyse, interpret and act on that data can be a whole other ball game. A free webinar organised by the Future Farmers Network hopes to unlock some of the secrets to making use of all that data…Read More

Grain Central, April 10, 2019

Mixed farmers lead charge as DataFarming mapping passes 3Mha

DataFarming’s entry-level platform has more than 3 million hectares of Australia mapped, with mixed farmers among its biggest users as tough decisions about stocking rates and crops are made…Read More

Liz Wells, October 4, 2018

AgTech Finder compares range of products

Australian producers can search, sort and compare hundreds of available agtech products with just a few clicks of the mouse thanks to a new digital platform, AgTech Finder…Read More

Grain Central, August 15, 2019

NSW ag-tech startups bound for India

Five ag-tech startups from NSW have been selected to travel to India in October with the NSW DPI to promote their technology in the world’s fastest growing economy…Read More

Grain Central, August 12, 2019

Recruitment: Technology adoption in agriculture creates changing trends in jobs market

Agriculture is now undergoing its third major revolution from mechanical and scientific revolutions into the digital agriculture age, leading to an explosive demand for candidates possessing technology skills to fill the job market…Read More

Ray Johnson, Agricultural Appointments, August 12, 2019

Smart irrigation model predicts rainfall to conserve water

A predictive model developed by Cornell University is designed to help irrigators make more informed decisions about when and how much to irrigate…Read More

Grain Central, August 9, 2019

Bilby bounces into oats industry

An oat variety developed in South Australia promises to be a healthier option for consumers and offer significant benefits for farmers…Read More

Jessica Bassano, September 9, 2019

Pacific Seeds unleashes Hellfire wheat

Pacific Seeds has launched LRPB Hellfire wheat, a new high protein APH variety for Queensland and New South Wales growers…Read More

Grain Central, September 5, 2019

Trials show potential for SA industrial hemp

Trials in South Australia’s Riverland and South East of nine different varieties of industrial hemp have demonstrated the industry’s potential in SA…Read More

Grain Central, September 5, 2019

Keep residuals top of mind in summer planning

This year’s residual herbicide applications may play a critical role in dictating 2019/2020 summer crop options for growers across the northern grains region with dry conditions continuing to plague large tracts of NSW and Qld…Read More

Grain Central, September 5, 2019

High-vigour wheat lines to take up the fight against weeds

Farmers will soon have access to new, highly-competitive wheat lines that will be more effective at suppressing weeds, thanks to breeders gaining access to a raft of high-vigour lines…Read More

Neil Lyon, September 4, 2019

Donald medallist calls for urgent action on acidification, phosphorus

Distinguished research scientist, John Angus, believes deepening subsurface acidification and low Brigalow phosphorus are two of the most pressing issues in Australian farming that urgently need addressing…Read More

Neil Lyon, September 3, 2019

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