Advanta releases new canola varieties

Grain Central, August 21, 2017

ADVANTA Seeds has released two new canola varieties under its Hyola brand for the Australian market.

The company’s latest additions are early maturity triazine-tolerant hybrid, Hyola 350TT, and mid-season Roundup Ready hybrid, Hyola 506RR.

Both have been developed with high yield, oil and blackleg resistance traits, and will be commercially available to growers in the 2018 season.

Hyola 350TT is aimed at growers in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, and Hyola 506RR is aimed at WA, Victoria and NSW.

Advanta Seeds canola business manager, Justin Kudnig, said the releases would offer growers productivity gains due to the incorporation and combined effect of these three key agronomic traits.

“This TT hybrid is going to be a very good variety for the 0.5 tonnes/hectare to 2.5t/ha environments,” Mr Kudnig said.

“It’s suited to very tough country right through to high rainfall areas and is a potential replacement for some areas where Hyola 559TT is grown. Growers are requiring a variety that is a lot tougher than other TT varieties on the market.

“In the very wet 2016 season, on average, it out-yielded varieties like 559TT, 650TT and some of the other competitor TT hybrids, and all of the open pollinated varieties in all of the National Variety Trials it was evaluated in.

“Hyola 350TT has got very good oil content, it’s a shorter variety than Hyola 559TT, it is much better for direct harvesting and all of the field observations are that it has great shatter tolerance.

“It’s got an ‘R’ rating for blackleg, so it’s actually higher than most of the other TT hybrids on the market.  Hyola 350TT also has quad gene blackleg resistance, so it belongs to the groups ABDF, which gives growers an incredible amount of protection against blackleg.”

Mr Kudnig said the other new variety, Hyola 506RR, was suited to areas where growers were targeting yields between 1.75t/ha and 3.5t/ha.

“This variety has demonstrated not only in our own Advanta Seeds breeding trials, but also some private trials with resellers and NVTs, that it has exceptionally high top end yields,” he said.

“Hyola 506RR was tested last year extensively in NVTs throughout Australia and yielded extremely well.  On average, it has yielded as well as the popular varieties GT-53 and Pioneer’s 45Y25.

“It’s been tested with having exceptional blackleg resistance and it’s rated ‘R’.  It’s also got triple gene protection ABD groups, so it’ll give growers good blackleg resistance in the field.

“So, you’ve now got a high yielding Hyola mid-season RR hybrid with very high oil content – equivalent or slightly higher than some of its major competitors – high blackleg resistance and very high early vigour.”

Source: Advanta Seeds


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