Could biological clocks in plants set the time for crop spraying?

In future, agriculturalists might be able to refine the use of some chemicals by taking advantage of the biological clock in plants…Read More

Grain Central, August 21, 2019

UWA team features in disease-resistance win for brassicas

A global team including scientists from India’s Punjab Agricultural University and the University of Western Australia (UWA) have made a significant breakthrough in disease resistance in Brassica oilseed crops…Read More

Grain Central, August 21, 2019

Research hub helps BioClay shape up as fungicide alternative

A new research hub led by University of Queensland Professor Neena Mitter is bringing to market BioClay, a biological alternative to chemical fungicides for use in crops including grains, pulses and cotton…Read More

Grain Central, August 21, 2019

Dryland ag stars in Adelaide Uni, SA govt partnership ambitions

A partnership between the SA Government and the University of Adelaide is aiming to boost productivity in dryland agriculture, and accelerate the development of ag-tech…Read More

Grain Central, August 19, 2019

WA soils project to unearth secrets to sustaining amelioration success

Field experiments across WA’s grainbelt are part of a new project aimed at increasing the benefits and profitability generated by soil amelioration by an estimated $20-40 per hectare per year…Read More

Grain Central, August 16, 2019

Australia urgently needs real sustainable agriculture policy

Australia urgently needs a contemporary definition of sustainable agriculture, including agreed on-farm metrics, according to UNE senior research fellow and lecturer, Jacqueline Williams…Read More

Jacqueline Williams, University of New England, August 13, 2019

SA lifts GM moratorium

The South Australian Government has today announced farmers on mainland SA will be given the choice to plant GM food crops next season…Read More

Grain Central, August 19, 2019

Perdaman eyes NSW fertiliser market with Narrabri plant

Perdaman plans to build a fertiliser plant in north-west NSW using power from Santos’ proposed Narrabri Gas Project. ..Read More

Liz Wells, August 19, 2019

WA season hangs in the balance

The winter crop growing season in Western Australia hangs in the balance for the majority of the grainbelt…Read More

Grain Central, August 19, 2019

What’s the best way to manage annual ryegrass in chickpea crops?

Ask a WeedSmart Expert Annual ryegrass is becoming increasingly prevalent in the northern cropping region, and many populations already have a high level of resistance to the major Group B..Read More

Bhagirath Chauhan, QAAFI weeds researcher, August 8, 2019

Disease on ‘watch list’ for barley

Despite the dry conditions, growers are being warned to check barley crops for disease following reports of spot form net blotch (SFNB) in Queensland and northern New South Wales this winter…Read More

Neil Lyon, August 8, 2019

Hydrogen-driven fertiliser aims to boost profits: AGIC

A switch to hydrogen power as a means of producing fertiliser could boost productivity for Australian growers and reduce the industry’s emissions as it strives for increased sustainability…Read More

Henry and Liz Wells, August 7, 2019

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