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Wild relatives break open door to Ascochyta-resistant chickpeas

Neil Lyon, 11 December 2017

Australian scientists are heading a fast-moving project that will ultimately lead to the development of new lines of chickpeas with resistance to the damaging disease, Ascochyta blight.

Chickpeas struggle to fill bins in tough year

Neil Lyon, 08 December 2017

It has been a year of disappointment for many chickpea growers in the northern farming zone where headers are mopping up the last of what has been a mixed bag of crops.

Blue Ribbon Group in liquidation following Bean Growers’ application

Liz Wells, 07 December 2017

Brisbane-based company, Blue Ribbon Seed and Pulse Exporters Pty Ltd, has gone into liquidation following an application from Bean Growers Australia (BGA) filed last month in the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Hopes for one-million-tonne chickpea crop hinge on NSW slopes

Liz Wells, 10 November 2017

Any chance of Australia’s 2017 chickpea crop eclipsing the one-million-tonne mark now hinges on crops on the north west slopes of NSW, where harvest is now gathering pace following last month’s yield-reviving rains.

Australia’s reduced chickpea supply meets lukewarm Indian demand

Henry Wells, 06 November 2017

An ample supply of Indian pulses and difficulty for importers in securing bank credit are diminishing demand for the Australian desi chickpea crop now being harvested.

Lentils up, fabas cut in Pulse Australia crop forecast

Guest Author, 11 October 2017

Pulse Australia’s estimate for Australia’s 2017 lentil production has this week been lifted 29 per cent to 540,000 tonnes from the ABARES figure of 419,000t released in its September crop report, while the faba bean estimate has taken a hit, dropping 11pc to 305,000t from last month’s ABARES estimate of 341,000t.

Pre-emptive test to combat devastating chickpea disease

Neil Lyon, 09 October 2017

The addiction of Ascochyta blight to the list of diseases detected by the DNA-based soil test, PredictaB, will give chickpea growers an extra tool to assess inoculum carryover from previous chickpea crops and help them make more informed decisions on paddock selection.

Only time will tell…

Guest Author, 03 October 2017

Peter McMeekin looks at what lies behind the supply-and-demand outlook for the Australian chickpea crop now being harvested.

Containers set to dominate in diminished chickpea exports

Guest Author, 29 September 2017

Containers rather than bulk shipments are once again likely to account for the majority of Australia’s 2017/18 chickpea exports from the low-yielding crop which is showing the effects of a harsh growing season.

Shaky yields, short covering buoy chickpea values

Guest Author, 19 September 2017

An unimpressive yield outlook and short covering by traders to cover nearby bulk and containerised export commitments has lifted the price of chickpeas available in coming weeks to rates in excess of $950 per tonne.