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‘Watch and act’ to counter Ascochyta threat

Grain Central, 06 June 2017

Chickpea growers and agronomists are being advised to `watch and act accordingly’ when it comes to managing the fungal disease Ascochyta blight this season.

Pulse prices steady as weather watchers wait for Indian, Australian developments

Henry Wells, 02 June 2017

Grower pulse prices are stuck in a holding pattern, looking to the skies in Australia and in South Asia where pulse crops are now being planted.

Australian winter planting to hold steady: Rabo

Guest Author, 01 June 2017

The total planted area for Australia’s 2017/18 winter crop is expected to remain on par with last year at just over 22 million hectares, according to Rabobank’s just-released Australian Winter Crop Update.

P is the word when it comes to chickpeas

Grain Central, 30 May 2017

Adequate phosphorus (P) availability is essential to the productivity of chickpeas as soil P levels influence the crop’s ability to produce biomass, flower and set pods.

Ascochyta flares in early chickpea crops

Neil Lyon, 29 May 2017

The devastating chickpea disease, Ascochyta blight, has made an early appearance this season with agronomists detecting the first outbreaks of the disease in emerging crops in southern Queensland.

Chickpeas lose resistance to Ascochyta blight

Grain Central, 12 May 2017

A virulence change in the Ascochyta blight pathogen has broken down the resistance of chickpea varieties to the devastating disease, with all current varieties now rated as either susceptible to moderately susceptible to infection.

Pulses eclipse barley as Australia’s second-biggest grain crop

Henry Wells, 09 May 2017

Pulses have eclipsed barley’s long-held place as Australia’s second-biggest grain crop, 2016-17 Australian winter crop production figures show.

Ascochyta threat to chickpeas

Grain Central, 18 April 2017

South Australian chickpea growers are being urged to consider their ability to effectively manage ascochyta blight before planting the crop.

Thinking of chickpeas? Think potassium

Grain Central, 13 April 2017

As growers continue to replace wheat in their rotations with chickpeas to capitalise on higher market prices, there’s a growing need to update fertiliser programs – or face nutrient run down.

Chickpea price surge to $1000/t over March, April

Henry Wells, 06 April 2017

India might have a big local crop in the pipeline, but its pressure is yet to be felt on Australian chickpea prices, which have surprised everyone by surging to $1000/tonne, up $200/t in the past month.