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Rollercoaster market outlook for pulses: Rabobank

Grain Central, 23 January 2019

Chickpeas and lentils will hold at the improved price levels reached at the end of last year, but markets are likely to remain volatile and driven by developments in India, according to agribusiness banking specialist, Rabobank.

Bangladesh buying bumps up Australia’s chickpea exports

Liz Wells, 16 January 2019

Australia’s exports of chickpeas in November neared a level not seen since August, with demand from Bangladesh accounting for 65 per cent of the 26,963 tonnes shipped, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Chickpea forecast drops to 229,000t: Pulse Australia

Grain Central, 22 November 2018

AUSTRALIA is forecast to produce 229,000 tonnes of chickpeas from the crop now being harvested, according to the latest crop report released by industry body, Pulse Australia. The chickpea number is back 24 per cent from Pulse Australia’s previous forecast released in early August, and puts South Australian chickpea production at 17,000t at slightly ahead

Feed buoys demand in reshaped market: Pulse Australia

Liz Wells, 21 November 2018

Drought-driven domestic feed demand and alternative markets have supported prices for Australian pulses this year in the continued absence of their biggest export customer, India, according to the latest Pulse Australia Pulse Value Chain Guidance Note.

Pulse faint on chickpea market as production outlook slides

Liz Wells, 01 November 2018

Australia’s current chickpea harvest is expected to produce less than 200,000 tonnes, down 100,000t on Pulse Australia’s most recent estimate from early August, and is meeting limited export demand at present.

JKI expands with purchase of Millmerran, Wondai pulse, seed plants

Henry Wells, 16 October 2018

JK International has bought the Wondai plant previously owned by Blue Ribbon Seeds, and the Champion Seeds plant at Millmerran, as its first investment in pulse and seed processing in regional Queensland.

Australian chickpea exports tick along ahead of Ramadan demand

Liz Wells, 10 October 2018

Australian exports of chickpeas continued at lacklustre levels in August, and growers are now focused on harvesting and storing ahead of a lift in demand expected from Pakistani buying ahead of Ramadan in May.

Eastern winter-crop harvest off to fitful start

Liz Wells, 26 September 2018

Australia’s winter-crop harvest is under way in Central Queensland amid uncertain prospects for yields which highlight lack of moisture and frost damage in many areas.

Australia’s July chickpea exports bounce along the bottom

Liz Wells, 12 September 2018

July shipments of Australian chickpeas have continued at lacklustre levels, with Pakistan the only bulk market, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) export data.

ABARES cuts winter-crop estimate by 12pc in latest crop report

Liz Wells, 11 September 2018

Australia’s total winter-crop production is forecast to drop 12 per cent nationally to 33.2 million tonnes (Mt), with production declines forecast in all eastern states, according to ABARES’ latest periodic Australian crop report.