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National Agriculture Day: a time to celebrate the grains industry

Grain Central, 21 November 2017

Today is Australia’s inaugural National Agriculture Day, a day to celebrate Australia’s 25,000 grain farming businesses which each year produce an astonishing amount of grain for consumers in domestic and overseas markets.

Tango to the beat of harvest…

Guest Author, 21 November 2017

Evidence of barley and wheat receival qualities varying from state to state is emerging this year as Australia’s harvest gathers momentum. Peter McMeekin shares his insights as southern hemisphere winter crop harvests approach conclusion and the eyes of the world trade turn to summer crop prospects in South America.

Queensland harvest winding down, NSW and Vic holding up

Grain Central, 20 November 2017

As Queensland harvest draws to a close, the quality of receivals progressing southward through New South Wales and Victoria is holding up, amid on-again off-again rainy conditions.

WA harvest passes three-million-tonne mark

Grain Central, 17 November 2017

More than three million tonnes of grain have been received so far into the CBH Group’s system in Western Australia as the WA harvest gathers pace after thunderstorms created havoc earlier in the month.

Watch the gumnuts: GrainGrowers warns on receival standards

Liz Wells, 16 November 2017

An escalation in Australia’s 2017 harvest activity has prompted GrainGrowers to issue a warning to members that a failure to heed receival regulations from some bulk handlers and traders may cost them dearly.

Slugging snails to reduce harvest contamination

Grain Central, 14 November 2017

A three-pronged action plan could be the best way to minimise the risk of snail contamination of grain this harvest.

WA crop potential continues to rise as harvest cranks up

Neil Lyon, 13 November 2017

Winter crop prospects continue to improve in Western Australia as late season grain fill moves the 2017 harvest from ‘ordinary’ to ‘average’ and lifts WA’s production potential to 12.326 million tonnes.

GrainCorp receivals pass the million mark as Victorian harvest fires up

Liz Wells, 13 November 2017

Eastern states bulk handler, GrainCorp Ltd, has taken in 1.023 million tonnes of grain in total in the 2017 harvest to date, up from 717,000t last Monday, as the Victorian harvest fires up and the Queensland one winds down.

Silo bag grain storage grows in popularity + VIDEO

Grain Central, 09 November 2017

The use of bulk grain bags for on-farm storage can be cost-effective, provide flexibility in harvesting logistics and allow growers to take advantage of grain marketing opportunities.

GrainCorp takes in 717,000 tonnes as harvest progresses south

Grain Central, 06 November 2017

Eastern states bulk handler, GrainCorp Ltd, says in its first weekly update for the 2017 harvest that a total of 717,000 tonnes of grain have been received at its sites as of today.