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Finney’s legacy of vision and support for a transformed cotton industry

Neil Lyon, 16 November 2018

CRDC executive director, Bruce Finney, who steps down from the position in January, 2019, has played his part in transforming the cotton industry into one of the most switched on, dynamic sectors of Australian agriculture.

Scientists identify genes plants use to redirect nitrogen

Grain Central, 09 November 2018

US scientists have identified networks of genes and gene regulators that allow plants to direct nitrogen to different parts, a discovery that may speed the breeding of new plant varieties to be more effective with how they use nitrogen.

Seed treatment institute opens at Wagga Wagga

Grain Central, 29 October 2018

Syngenta has opened a world-class laboratory at Wagga Wagga in southern New South Wales that will focus on servicing the Australian broadacre cropping market and supporting the company’s range of new technologies.

Robot turns its eye to weed recognition at Narrabri

Neil Lyon, 19 October 2018

Weed detection and identification is moving into the robotic age at the University of Sydney’s Plant Breeding Institute at Narrabri in north west New South Wales where a high-tech research project is fine-tuning the technology.

Bridging the gap in mungbean yields

Neil Lyon, 11 October 2018

As mungbeans transition from once being simply an opportunity crop to nowadays being a mainstream summer option, researchers are turning their focus to fine tuning the yield potential of the short-season pulse.

Research community mourns passing of USQ’s Steven Raine

Grain Central, 10 September 2018

University of Southern Queensland’s executive, Professor Steven Raine, is being remembered by colleagues and affiliates as a driving force in agriculture, with particular impact in grains and cotton.

Checking chilling tolerance in chickpeas

Grain Central, 27 August 2018

New research by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (DPI) aims to identify chickpea lines which will tolerate cool temperatures, potentially adding up to $81 million in value each year to the northern grains region.

Five-year RD&E revamp targets profitability: GRDC

Neil Lyon, 03 August 2018

AGIC 2018: A new, five-year Research, Development and Extension (RD and E) Plan launched by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) at the Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC) in Melbourne this week is focused squarely on grower profitability.

New strategy to fight fungicide resistance

Grain Central, 30 July 2018

Australian researchers have a new weapon in the fight against fungicide resistance in grain crops, with confirmation that a specially adapted approach to detection, involving cancer technology, is effective for this purpose.

Gene editing scissors are less accurate than we thought, but there are fixes

Guest Author, 23 July 2018

CRISPR gene editing technology is revolutionising medicine and biology, including agriculture, but a new study has called into question the precision of the technique.