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Swapping where crops are grown could feed extra 825 million people

Guest Author, 08 November 2017

Redrawing the global map of crop distribution on existing farmland could help meet growing demand for food and biofuels in coming decades, while significantly reducing water stress in agricultural areas, according to a new study.

Smooth sailing for WA gravel soils project

Grain Central, 06 November 2017

A high-tech grains project is getting closer to developing more efficient and effective mechanisms to measure gravel soil properties, which will assist growers to optimise fertiliser and lime inputs and boost crop potential.

Multi-purpose research laboratory for Central West NSW

Grain Central, 06 November 2017

A $422,890 multi-purpose, field-based laboratory will be built at the Lachlan Irrigation Research Station at Condobolin in central west New South Wales.

Viewpoint: European anti-tech groups threaten to derail CRISPR gene editing in agriculture

Guest Author, 01 November 2017

New genome editing tools allow scientists to make specific genetic improvements in all organisms, including crop plants, but the technology is under challenge by activists in Europe.

Flour power to boost food security + VIDEO

Grain Central, 31 October 2017

The discovery of genes that determine the yield of flour from wheat could increase milling yield, boosting food security and producing a healthier flour.

Crops were evolving 10 millennia before experts thought

Grain Central, 30 October 2017

Ancient hunter-gatherers began to systemically affect the evolution of crops up to thirty thousand years ago – around 10 millennia before experts previously thought – according to new research by the University of Warwick.

Scholarships open for Australian grains researchers: GRDC

Grain Central, 30 October 2017

Researchers are invited to apply for GRDC fellowship and grains research scholarship positions.

Drones help researchers stay on top of wheat improvement

Grain Central, 24 October 2017

Kansas University researchers conducting field work on wheat genetics have found the most promising technology is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones to scout agricultural fields for important data.

Modified peptides could boost plant growth

Grain Central, 16 October 2017

An Australian study of peptide hormones critical for plant development could result in enhanced agricultural yields, benefits to tissue culture, and improved knowledge of peptide hormones in humans.

New $11m ‘greenfield’ cropping research centre for Darling Downs

Neil Lyon, 05 October 2017

A world-class cropping research station is set to be established on Queensland’s Darling Downs with the announcement today of an $11 million investment into a new grains research facility on a farm on the Condamine River at Yandilla south-west of Toowoomba.