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China snub to US sorghum buoys Australian outlook

Henry Wells, 19 April 2018

Values for Australian sorghum have jumped in response to continuing dry conditions, and China’s snubbing US sorghum as the latest move in the bilateral trade dispute.

Awards cap off sorghum year for northern growers

Grain Central, 17 April 2018

North West NSW farming manager, Jim Mitchell, has won his fourth Premer Shield sorghum award while Darling Downs growers Phil and Chris Moar have won both the dryland and irrigated sorghum titles in this year’s Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland crop competition.

Sorghum values climb as harvest rolls south

Liz Wells, 05 April 2018

Supply-side pressure has failed to weaken sorghum prices, which continue to climb on the back of domestic feedgrain demand and the likelihood of increased Chinese purchases resulting from its trade dispute with the United States.

Gluten-free challenge for grain industry

Grain Central, 04 April 2018

The rise in the number of people going ‘gluten free’ that has now seen up to 20 per cent of the population avoiding products containing gluten is presenting new challenges to the grains industry.

Glencoe offers foothold in premium NSW cropping country

Liz Wells, 28 March 2018

A chance to buy into or expand in one of Australia’s premium cropping regions has come up with the offering of Glencoe, a 2592-hectare aggregation at Bellata in north west NSW.

The secret to tripling the number of grains in sorghum

Guest Author, 12 March 2018

Scientists have discovered that a simple genetic modification can triple the number of grains in sorghum.

No price is ever too high for a bull

Guest Author, 06 March 2018

Sorghum farming in northern NSW and Queensland rides on the ebb and flow of summer-cropping seasons, as COFCO International Australia sorghum trader, Matthew Pattison writes this week.

Storms buoy winter-crop prospects, disrupt summer harvest

Liz Wells, 27 February 2018

Storms in the past fortnight have brought 10-250 millimetres of rain to cropping areas of Queensland and northern NSW, disrupting the summer-crop harvest in some areas, but bolstering planting prospects for the upcoming winter crop in most.

Doors open on new world of crop research

Neil Lyon, 23 February 2018

The first ‘greenfield’ research farm established in decades is taking shape on Queensland’s Darling Downs where the first trials include sorghum sown as part of the National Variety Trials.

Gong xi cai, gan bei, cheers to sorghum in the Year of the Dog

Liz Wells, 20 February 2018

Chicago wheat futures prices rallied around 10 per cent since mid-January as world wheat markets entered a period of anxiety. What is driving the market and how might it affect Australian growers? Read the commentary contributed today by Thomas Kim.