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Rain has not dampened current and new crop grain prices

Henry Wells, 22 March 2017

The rain’s impact appears to be limited to taking the peak off some feed markets, with one trader saying the Newcastle track market for sorghum had peaked March 10 at $250 per tonne.

Winter sowing intentions: NSW growers hold out for autumn break

Neil Lyon, 14 March 2017

NSW grain growers are holding off locking in their winter cropping plans, waiting to see what the ‘autumn break’ will bring before deciding whether to go all out with potentially high-returning alternative crops or opt for a conservative strategy based on traditional cereals.

Winter sowing intentions: Chickpeas top the menu for Queensland

Neil Lyon, 13 March 2017

This week Grain Central takes a look at the sowing intentions of growers across Australia for the forthcoming winter crop. Today, Queensland is in the spotlight. Throughout the week, Grain Central will present coverage of what growers are thinking in other states.

Chickpea growers brace for new-season disease attack

Neil Lyon, 08 March 2017

For the first time in the history of chickpeas in eastern Australia, farmers will be going into the winter sowing season this year with more inoculum of the pathogens that attack chickpeas than ever before.

Southern Queensland growers glad to see back of tough summer

Guest Author, 28 February 2017

Yields for sorghum crops now being harvested on the Darling Downs are coming in well below average and growers are now hoping for autumn rain to bolster prospects for a winter crop which makes up for the challenging summer.

Is your chickpea seed disease and defect free?

Grain Central, 20 February 2017

Chickpea growers in NSW and Queensland are being urged to take advantage of a no-cost testing service to ensure this season’s planting seed is disease and defect free.

Harvester fire risk and chickpea research head GRDC investment list

Neil Lyon, 09 February 2017

Header fire prevention and insurance issues, and managing the pest and disease challenges thrown up by the surge in chickpea production, will be a top priority for GRDC research and development investment.

Cargoes and containers share record chickpea export task

Henry Wells, 03 February 2017

Frantic export pace in chickpeas has clocked one million tonnes (Mt) of exports since September.

Searching for a way to turn chickpeas into ‘VIPeas’

Grain Central, 02 February 2017

US researchers are evaluating combinations of breeding methods in an effort to increase the success rate of crossing chickpeas.

Will India be back for more chickpeas once their harvest is completed?

Guest Author, 31 January 2017

Quality and quantity questions around the Indian chickpea crop should be answered by mid-March, when the bigger producing states such as Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, begin harvesting and farmers start marketing their produce.