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Barley price breakthrough

The barley price has improved since the start of July, but how do we compare against the rest of the world?..Read More

Andrew Whitelaw, Thomas Elder Markets, August 27, 2021

Canola futures break through $1000/tonne

ICE canola futures in recent days have been on an upward trajectory. Yesterday they hit and settled above $1000/tonne for the contract corresponding to the Australian harvest…Read More

Andrew Whitelaw, Thomas Elder Markets, August 18, 2021

How long will Aussie wheat be discounted?

Basis, for the most part, is driven by supply. Big crop low basis, and vice versa. Basis has weakened over the course of the week. How long can low basis levels last?..Read More

Andrew Whitelaw, Thomas Elder Markets, August 5, 2021

Second biggest winter crop valued at near-record $35.5 billion: ABARES

The gross value of crop production is estimated to have reached a near-record $35.5 billion in 2020–21, boosted by Australia’s second-biggest winter crop on record and relatively high world grain and oilseed prices…Read More

Grain Central, June 16, 2021

Narrowing corn-wheat ratio drives wheat pricing

A large factor driving the current wheat market is the situation with corn. In a rare occurrence, the spread between corn and wheat has narrowed dramatically, to almost parity…Read More

Andrew Whitelaw, Thomas Elder Markets, April 30, 2021

Ag commodity prices set to rise in 2021: Rabobank

Agri-commodity markets are set to begin 2021 with high prices and a range of factors that are likely to see prices hike further, according to Rabobank…Read More

Grain Central, November 25, 2020

Wheat price rally fuelled by Russia

Why are wheat prices rallying around the world? The main reason is Russia. As the worlds most important wheat exporter, what happens in Russia is now the biggest driver of pricing – for better or worse…Read More

Andrew Whitelaw, Thomas Elder Markets, October 8, 2020

Improved wheat production prospects help offset lower prices: Rural Bank

Wheat prices are likely to slide by up to 10 per cent in coming months, but be offset to some extent by improved winter crop prospects, according to Rural Bank’s September Insights Update released today…Read More

Grain Central, September 7, 2020

Agricultural commodities face uncertain times: Rabobank

African swine fever and erratic weather have heavily impacted agricultural commodities in 2019 and will remain key to prices in 2020, according to Rabobank’s global Agri Commodities Research Outlook 2020…Read More

Grain Central, November 21, 2019

Indian wheat crop faltering…

Speculation is increasing that this season’s Indian wheat production could be much lower than last year, as less than average rainfall and higher than average temperatures threaten yields in the key winter crop regions as Peter McMeekin reports…Read More

Peter McMeekin, December 24, 2018

Lower grain prices contribute to dip in commodities index: NAB

Mirroring the 2 per cent gain seen in October, the National Australia Bank (NAB) Rural Commodities Index fell 2pc in November following lower grain, wool and lamb prices, according to NAB’s monthly Rural Commodities Wrap…Read More

Grain Central, December 17, 2018

Low crop production/reduced export potential offset by rising prices: ABARES

Australian wheat production is set to be the lowest since 2007-08, largely due to drought conditions in the east, with increased domestic demand reducing export potential, but rising world prices more than offsetting the impact, according to ABARES latest ag commodities report…Read More

Grain Central, December 11, 2018

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